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Chicago, IL — “I kind of just lost all faith in national level politics. The only real access we have to… being able to preserve your freedoms is at the local level,” said recently elected Santa Cruz County Sheriff David Hathaway of Arizona.

As the COVID-19 tyranny continues, Americans who value their freedom must own up to the stark reality. There is no help coming from Washington, D.C. There are no national level politicians looking out for you, they’re just looking out for themselves as they grandstand and pander to score political points.

However, one thing we’ve seen throughout this government-created, media-driven panic is there are pockets in America where personal liberty will be respected, and the common theme in those spots is a good sheriff.

Last May, DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick in Illinois released a statement in response to dictates: “We are not storm troopers. We are peacekeepers.”

In July, the Florence County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin stated: “Wear a mask if you want, if you don’t want to, that is fine also. The Sheriff’s Office is not the mask police. We will be out looking for real criminals.”

In Oregon, Linn County Sheriff Jim Yon said in November his department won’t “count people in people’s houses” and to “go into someone’s house, I would need a search warrant” while in New York, Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino wrote in a social media post: “Who and how many people you invite in your home is your business.”

If your sheriff has made statements similar to those above, it should offer a modicum of solace but it clearly isn’t enough. And Hathaway, who just took his place as sheriff in his Arizona county in January, understands more needs to be done.

In a recent interview, Hathaway said something we don’t hear from elected officials. He said his job is “preserving people’s freedoms…. I don’t want to run anybody’s life.”

What a refreshing statement in an overall political landscape that’s gone mad. However, for holding such an American point of view, Hathaway has faced immense scrutiny and pressure from politicians, bureaucrats and the media-class as candidate and now as elected sheriff.

As every other sheriff candidate threatened citizens with arrest or fines for not covering their face, Hathaway was told his defeat was sealed when he was the only one saying he would not enforce unlawful mask mandates, and his response was “I deserve to lose if people are that dumb that I don’t want to run their lives and I don’t want to force them to wear cloth around their face.” The people weren’t dumb in Santa Cruz County as Hathaway won with 73.5 percent of the vote.

When the county attorney came to Hathaway just two weeks into his term prepared to author a vaccine mandate for his sheriff’s office, he responded he believe in “the principle of informed consent where each individual analyzes risk, analyzes the benefits and makes decisions for themselves.”

For not mandating the shot for his office, Hathaway said all the police and fire departments followed his lead which upset the petty tyrannical local politicians. When confronted with data that less than half of one police department was taking the shot and asked what the sheriff department’s numbers were, Hathaway said “there’s two federal laws that prevent me from even asking,” the Americans with Disabilities Act and Health Insurance Portability and Affordability Act.

And when a government mouthpiece in the media confronted the sheriff accusing his officers of not being trained properly leading to suicides to rise, Hathaway responded: “You tell everybody that they can’t visit their relatives, they have to close down their business, they can’t go to work, they completely have to cut themself off from society, they lose their job, they can’t go to school and you’re acting like you don’t know why suicides are going up and why alcoholism is going up and drug abuse is going up. It’s ridiculous that you are even asking the question.”

Prior to being elected or even announcing his candidacy, Hathaway wrote about the law. United States Code under Title 18, Section 242 which is posted on the Department of Justice’s website states that anyone acting under the “color of law,” meaning any politician or bureaucrat from federal down to local, who violates a citizen’s Constitutional rights can be arrested and punished up to even being “sentenced to death” if the violation warrants it. As Hathaway notes, a sheriff can arrest the governor for violating the Constitution.

Our liberties are quickly evaporating in front of our eyes. First, we must understand that it is our job to defend our freedoms. Stop thinking that any politician is going to save you. They’re not. Back to Mendrick’s statement, he said his office didn’t need to enforce the unlawful dictates because the citizenry has “offered no trouble or no resistance to any rule we put upon them, no matter how strange.” In other words, the people are compliant, obedient slaves. Do you see why it’s been so easy for tyranny to take hold?

However, while fighting for your liberties, do yourself a favor and support candidates for sheriff who recognize Constitutional rights. While you’ll be told to be hyper focused on presidential and national politics, the most important vote you will cast will be for sheriff.

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