Questions Biden Will Not Be Asked at Thursday’s Press Conference


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Charlotte, NC — President Joe Biden is set to speak in his first press conference with the media since taking office on Thursday. The press conference is scheduled for just after 1 p.m. on the east coast and many are already speculating about the questions that Biden will be asked. If you are interested in knowing what questions they expect to be asked, here’s a write-up from Fox News.

The Fox News article speculates that the media will ask about the southern border, the potential removal of the filibuster, and more. Some of them are legitimate questions, while some may be a little bit a stretch considering the media’s love of the Biden administration. One thing is for certain, there are some questions that they will not ask that the American people deserve to know. Here they are in no particular order.

Has your physician examined you for dementia and will you release proof that you are not stricken with dementia?

Since taking office, Biden has made multiple gaffes. He has struggled to complete sentences and in one recent photo op, he appeared to become confused while speaking. The press was immediately removed from the room. In another instance, he asked for questions, but the live feed was immediately cut off by the White House. What are they hiding?

President Biden is obviously struggling and has been for some time. Throughout the campaign, conservative media covered the multiple times that he appeared lost and struggling. He has been protected by the White House and his “handlers” at every turn, but perhaps this is an opportunity to ask him directly about his condition.

Why did you put the kids back in the cages as your party called them?

I fully expect that Biden will be asked about the crisis at the border. I expect those questions to range from what is he doing about the crisis and if there are policies that he believes could help the crisis. He may even be asked about visiting the border or Vice President Kamala Harris’s laugh about visiting the border. As normal, he will blame President Donald Trump for the crisis, even as migrants are wearing shirts at the border asking Biden to let them in.

What Biden will not be asked is why he reopened the child detention facilities, specifically the cages as the Left called them during the Trump administration. He will not be asked about how they are still separating children, as they criticized the Trump administration for doing. He will also not be asked about the citizenship that he will give all these illegals in the coming days.

When will you transition power to Kamala Harris?

Recently, the Biden administration said that the administration should be referred to as the Biden-Harris administration. Many on the right have said that this is a questionable act that may indicate that Harris is much more involved than Biden is letting on. Biden has said that Harris would be involved, and recent statements by the Press Secretary seem to indicate that even former President Barack Obama is involved heavily. Do not expect any questions about Biden and his power, however.

Who is your next target for destruction?

After killing thousands of jobs by eliminating the Keystone XL pipeline, Joe Biden was certainly not finished. He worked with his union pals to push Ford production to Mexico after former President Donald Trump pushed to return manufacturing to America. Biden promised to “build back better” but so far has done very little building of anything for Americans.

One target he has gone after is Americans themselves. He has not only targeted their jobs, but also their wallets. Biden promised not to raise taxes on any single person making over $400,000 through his tax plan. Instead, he raised taxes on every family if they make over $400,000. It was a clear lie, but do not expect the media to ask any questions about that.

Who is Hunter profiting from now?

I do not expect there to be any questions about the President’s son Hunter Biden. Fox News suggests that a question will be asked about his interactions in the investigation into Hunter’s activities. I do not expect that, nor do I expect a question from the President about who he has arranged his son to profit from now that he is fully in charge at the White House.

When will you debate Vladimir Putin?

The Russian President openly challenged Biden to a public debate after Biden called him a killer. Biden has not released any further statements but a potential Biden-Putin debate would be almost as entertaining as the Biden-Trump debates. Do not expect the media to ask if he will talk to Putin on a public stage. After all, Biden has wanted to talk very little on the public stage this far in his presidency. Or is that his handlers preventing it from happening?

In any case, the press conference by Biden is probably worth watching. It will be interesting to see if they cut the feed, interrupt to protect him, or how confused he truly becomes. After all, the press conference is taking place after lunch, the normal time for the Biden team to call a lid on his activities.

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