Opinion: Biden’s Plan to Keep Trump Out of the White House


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Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, The New Yorker ran a piece that described a group of employees that worked for Joe Biden. The group was called SG3, a collection of 3 former Solicitors General of the United States. The group was brought together in March 2020 by Joe Biden for a special mission.

That mission was to make sure that Donald Trump did not win the election and did not have any chance to overturn the election. They were to plan for every possible scenario and be ready to defend against it at all costs.

According to the article, those possible scenarios amounted to just over 3 pages of single-spaced hypothesized events. The group of former litigators set out to premeditate how Donald Trump could possibly win the election, or cast any doubt over the election, and either prevent it or plan to counter it in court.

According to the article, there were thousands of pages of legal documents prepared as “template pleadings.” In other words, they had court documents prepared to fight from every possible position that Trump could have attempted. They were prepared for the accusations of voter fraud, martial law, voter intimidation, and more. Behind the scenes, SG3 assembled over 20 legal teams in an effort to eliminate Donald Trump from the election.

While Joe Biden maintained on the outside that his campaign was on the up and up, behind the scenes they were running a coordinated effort to make sure that nothing would stop them from their final goal. They anticipated every move, preparing excuses and legal cases to cover all their bases. Nothing was going to stop them from achieving the election of Joe Biden.

Aside from their anticipation of battling a potential Pence overturning of the Electoral College vote or Trump’s accusations of fraudulent votes, what else did this group plan for and cover? Did the group plan a covert operation to cover election fraud or to somehow subvert the election for the Democrats?

Obviously, I have no proof to support such an argument. But the scenario that Joe Biden had an entire legal defense team in secret working on such scenarios for months, without ever being noticed, should raise a few concerns.

It will also give rise to conspiracy theories as well. No doubt many will take this information and run with it that Biden’s team was working on their cover-up of voter fraud or manufactured ballots. That’s certainly not what I am considering here at all, but I do see how those come into play.

The thing that I will point out is that this team was very well prepared and no doubt played a role in making Trump’s legal teams look like they were scrambling. Perhaps they were, due to the work of Biden’s secret legal squad. Or perhaps, it was because they made finding any evidence nearly impossible due to their massive amount of hours of preparation.

In any case, Biden was operating a secret legal team to thwart any chance of Trump reentering the White House. It was highly coordinated, super secretive, and all the details of their work may never be known.

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