New NYPD street safety chief pushes back on requiring bicycle licenses


Newly-appointed NYPD Chief of Transportation Kim Royster strongly pushed back against the idea of requiring licenses for city cyclists in her first interview since taking the job.

The NYPD’s new street safety chief told 1010 WINS that cycling is “the American way,” and that licensing would make it less accessible for many New Yorkers.

“I’m not sure putting a lot of restrictions would be the best way to address this. I think the best way now is to keep pushing to educate people and to do a lot of outreach,” Royster said.

“I’m a little passionate about it. My husband is a roadie, and I grew up riding a bicycle,” she said.

“This is the American way, to ride a bicycle.”

Instead, Royster said she plans to focus her unit’s efforts on enforcement and education. She said her top priority is “public safety” for “people that travel to or from their destination.”

The 35-year NYPD veteran also promised “aggressive” enforcement against people who commit crimes on Revel mopeds.

“We always have to look at whether or not people understand what the rules of the road are,” she told the radio station.

“We’ve seen some things that have picked up with the Revel, and definitely in the area of crime.”

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