Mainstream media is promoting Election Day violence


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Charlotte, NC – Hours before the first election results are scheduled to come in, mainstream media outlets are already promoting Election Day violence. It is obvious that there are concerns about potential violence seeing as how Secret Service has been working on a non-scalable fence around the White House.

To really get a grasp, we must look at those who have the history of being violent in recent events. For the past several months, radical activists on the left have went around the country in various cities destroying property and businesses. This is not just in one town, but many cross the country.

All of these are Biden supporters and the violence has been in the name of groups that Biden simply calls an idea. These radical groups are not simply ideas, but domestic terrorist organizations. These groups are violent and personally responsible for many deaths and much financial loss due to their actions.

Still, Biden and the Democrats are relying on these violent groups to carry them to a potential victory. Their violent acts very well may carry Trump to another four years, as Republicans are responding by going to the polls. These are the same groups that will act out if Biden is the clear loser.

CBS News shared how large cities and Democrat headquarters are responding to and preparing for violence. Vox is saying that the risk of violence post-election is high, while displaying images of “armed demonstrators” that were peacefully assembled in Michigan.

The Atlantic decided to take a completely different approach. The left-wing radical group decided to talk about a group of progressive activists that wanted to overthrow the US government. They place the blame of all threats of violence on “right wing groups” rather than the actual violent groups we have seen of late.

The fact that these groups are focused on violence is no secret. In reality, the mainstream media wants the violence to happen. They need for some form of violence to happen post election.

They want their radical wing to be prepared for what they continue to grow increasingly concerned about. A potential win by President Trump. Momentum has been moving his direction and the most accurate pollsters from 2016 are predicting another win.

That is something the Democrats will not be able to tolerate. Losing to the man that they hate at all costs will drive them insane. Hence the mainstream media needs to key up the violence.

They want to drive the narrative that the majority of the country hates Trump. Yet, if Trump wins he will have to win a majority of the states and the electoral college. The Democrats refused to accept this in 2016 and they will refuse to accept it in 2020.

On the other hand, take a look back to 2012, when Barack Obama was despised by the Republicans. Do you remember widespread protests, destruction of property and violence by right-wing groups? Of course not and neither do I.

So as all of the dead people across New York City mail in their ballots, stay tuned. The left is ready to start their chaos if Trump does win the election. It is coming.

They claim that Trump will not accept the results if he were to lose. They have refused to accept the results since 2016. They will simply add another election to their list of results they refuse to accept. Just be prepared for the Election Day violence they plan to incite.

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The Mainstream Media Is Up To Something Big

This weekend is going to be filled with mainstream media attacks and deception as American’s continue to go out to their polling place and vote for the next leader of our country. On Thursday, there were two great examples of what you can expect from two big media outlets.

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