It Is Not About the Money Bernie, It Is About the Waste


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Orlando, FL — Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware that President Joe Biden and the Democrats forced their COVID-19 “rescue” bill through Congress this week. He signed the bill into law and the celebration of the left was in the $1,400 checks that Americans would receive. The Democrats believe that is what Americans are focused on.

At least, that’s what Sen. Bernie Sanders said in an interview with NPR on Saturday. He said that Americans were not concerned with anything the government is doing in Washington, only that they are receiving $1,400 checks.

Sanders and the Democrats are convinced that Americans are not paying attention to the ridiculous spending that was included in their COVID “relief” bill. They believe that Americans will see the cost of over $6,000 per American as minimal, when they simply receive a $1,400 check.

They believe that Americans will not be concerned about the ridiculous funding for Planned Parenthood, the support of museums and art galleries, or the multiyear funding for health care subsidies. They do not believe that Americans will be looking at the billions in waste for local governments, many who are not struggling as they have not seen revenue declines as predicted.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of the economy is doing just fine. Sure, there are parts struggling. The parts that the Democrats have shut down amid the ridiculous and unconstitutional COVID restrictions. The Left wants to claim that they are operating in a method to keep everyone safe. Instead, they are more focused on how they can make you more dependent on them.

They want you dependent for health care, housing, pay, and more. They want you to believe that the government is here to make your life easy so you will never have to work hard and try. As I wrote before, it’s creating a generation that may never know freedom.

This bill is not about $1,400 checks as Bernie Sanders and others may have claimed. The $1,400 is really nothing when you think about the overall cost of the bill. I have shared on my podcast and in other writings about how the $1.9 trillion price tag could have wrote each American household a check over $15,000.

You see, they are not interested in you receiving money. They are only interested in you receiving enough money so you do not care about the other garbage in their bill. The other garbage that does nothing for Americans or COVID relief.

The Democrats simply believe that Americans will look the other way, as they start turning their focus toward other measures. They will start focusing on student debt elimination. They will start focusing on Medicare expansion. They will start focusing on how they can continue to keep you in submission, even if it means sending you some more money in a few months.

This is about so much more than $1,400. It’s about prolonging a global pandemic so that they can continue to take advantage of the situation. They will continue to push their socialist plans, believing you will give up more for a simple payout.

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