In Minnesota, This is Not About Justice At All


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Minneapolis, MN — As the crowds continue to gather daily around the courthouse in Minneapolis amid cries for justice, it has become very clear this is not about justice at all. If this were about justice, the entire conversation would be different. But different is exactly where we are right now in America.

We are in a different place as a society, one where a radical left-wing agenda is pushing nonexistent racism as the cause for everything in American society. The result, the development of racism and hatred toward anyone who is White, or anyone who does something where a person of color does not get their way. That agenda is driven by the mainstream media who selectively chooses what they will report delivering the desired result to uneducated Americans.

Take for example the carjacking that happened over the weekend in Minnesota. Protesters immediately began responding when they heard that the police had killed another carjacker. They immediately assumed the criminal was Black and that the police had shot another “innocent” Black man. They dropped to a knee and apparently began moving toward the area to protest according to reports. Instead, they returned to the area they were in after they learned that the man who was killed by police was White.

If this were really about police brutality, these BLM protesters would have continued to respond. After all, they claim that any officer-involved shooting is unnecessary. In a video of the incident, the carjacker appeared to point a gun at someone driving by innocently. In the BLM world, Americans should simply learn to live with that. After all, they claim that years of racism and hatred toward people of color have given them the right to take anything they want.

Until they learn that the carjacker was White. At that point, he deserved to die. There was nothing brutal about the police shooting and they had no interest in the event at all. Not one single thing about the protests and riots in Minneapolis have anything to do with justice. They have everything to do with the Marxist agenda and the racism that the Democrats want you to believe exists across our country.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) did her part to help push the racism over the weekend and encouraged the protesters to stay in the streets and to begin acting in violence if the verdict was not guilty. She specifically incited violence and racist rhetoric, something that the Democrats said was unacceptable when it was former President Donald Trump. Apparently, it is perfectly acceptable when you are a Democrat. Because, again, this is not about justice at all.

While we often hear terms like critical race theory, Marxism, Black Lives Matter, white supremacy, racism, and many more thrown around, there is something much larger as the issue in Minnesota. All of those terms are correct and are applicable to the situation, but we seem to continue to ignore the root of the problem. That problem is sin.

Marxists, such as the Democrats and the BLM movement, want to argue that this is happening because of the society in which people were raised. I will admit that society does play a role in the development of people, but it is not the cause of the issues that plague our society. The cause of the issues in our society are sin-related, not society-related.

Marxism believes that individuals are not separate from society at all. They believe that everything revolves around society, societal experiences, and essentially in the absence of a soul. Their core belief is that to reform society, you must destroy it and rebuild it in a way that is fair and equal to all. There's just one problem with that thought; it has never happened in the history of the world. Power makes people greedy and leads to the very oppression that the Marxist ideas of communism and socialism claim they will prevent.

The real solution to the problem is a transformation of the person on the inside. In other words, to deal with the sin that Scripture teaches us exists throughout humanity. It certainly does not prevent sin from existing in society and bad things from happening, but it is the one solution that addresses these issues on both a personal and societal level. Marxism cannot change the person, but believing in Jesus Christ can.

Rather than continuing the ridiculous arguments of racism, justice, and the tenants of Marxism, perhaps we should return to the focus of our founding fathers. Those same ones that the Democrats want you to believe were horrible racists themselves. Sure, they were not perfect, but they realized that there was a God and without him, our country would be sitting at this very crossroads we face today.

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