How Could Anyone Vote to Confirm Merrick Garland?


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Charlotte, NC — President Joe Biden’s nominee for the position of Attorney General went before the Judiciary Committee on Monday to begin his confirmation hearing. We all knew Garland was dangerous but many of his answers on Monday made that even more clear.

Garland is a left-wing radical that the mainstream media and Democrats have been trying to paint as a centrist or moderate. They claimed it when Obama nominated him for the Supreme Court and they have tried to claim it now. They have argued that Garland would protect and defend the Constitution through his actions and it seems that the Left was simply referring to the piece of paper and not the words that it contains.

Many of the remarks Garland made in his hearing are absolutely ridiculous. Take for example this exchange with Sen. Josh Hawley where he claims that an attack on a federal courthouse would only be domestic terrorism if it occurred during the day. He cites what he believes the law says about domestic terrorism, but his definition is nowhere close.

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NEW – Biden AG pick Merrick Garland says #Antifa attacks on federal courthouse may not be domestic terrorism because they happened at

The actual definition of domestic terrorism is “acts that attempt to intimidate the population, acts in an attempt to influence government policy, or acts to attempt to affect the conduct of government.” Garland is miserably off base with his definition and his explanation to the example that Hawley presents him with.

Garland tried to explain that he would keep politics out of his work, but then proceeded to recite half the Democrats talking points in his answers. He discussed racism and how he would work to understand racial extremists across the country that were responsible for actions like that of the Capitol riots.

He then continued that he wanted to understand those groups. He said he wants to see what makes them work and how to prevent others form being like them in the future. In other words, he has every intention to help promote the liberal agenda of trying to reprogram conservatives.

He described how he would partner to investigate police departments that are accused of “excessive force” as many were in the course of the 2020 riots. Black Lives Matter and the Democrats pushed false accusations that led to billions in damages and more deaths. Yet, they still want to pander to the special interest group with their statements on Monday.

Democrat leaders also pressed Garland and suggested that he should be investigating former President Donald Trump as part of his work. Garland did not turn down any of the requests from Democrats, showing that he is more than willing to do any of their dirty work.

Garland is a yes man and far from a quality Attorney General. Rather than attempting to enforce the laws in the land, he will be doing the bidding of the Democrats. While the mainstream media will tell you he is trying to draw a contrast with the Trump administration, the Trump administration did not have the benefit of this type of Attorney General.

Given his answers on Monday, there’s no way that anyone should be able to vote to confirm Garland. He is a political pawn for the Democrats and will help them in their mission to destroy America if he is confirmed.

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