Georgia Businesses Complain But They Are All Talk


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Atlanta, GA — Multiple businesses operating in the state of Georgia have complained about the recent election law changes that the governor signed. They have used the mainstream media and Democrat-supplied lies to help in their arguments. Organizations like Delta, Coca-Cola and many more have all come out amid pressure from the public to say they are disappointed in the election law.

The Reuters article cited above called on businesses to take a stand against the legislation and for them to oppose any legislation that may limit an American’s ability to vote. Except the Georgia election law does exactly the opposite. It makes permanent the drop boxes that were used during the pandemic, establishes a hotline for reporting voting issues, expands hours and days of early voting, and many other provisions that make voting more accessible than was ever before in the state of Georgia pre-pandemic.

Of course, the executives were pressured by the radical Left to speak out against this atrocity of addressing irregularities across the state and helping expand voter access and methods. They were pressured into a response and a showing of solidarity with the woke to prove a point. If they really feel that way, then they certainly have some options.

Take Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines for example. Both organizations are headquartered in the state, enjoying the nice flat 5.75% corporate tax rate no matter what their earnings are. Perhaps they should consider Illinois, for their 9.75% tax rate or New Jersey, where they would be taxed 11.5% on anything they earn over 1 million dollars. Not to mention the millions it would cost them to move their headquarters and relocate their employees.

Speaking of those employees, all of them would be hit with tax increases and cost of living increases amid those potential relocations. Real estate in Georgia is much different from real estate in many of the larger cities in Democratic states. There does not seem to be much benefit to the employees to move with the company when they could stay in the much more friendly state of Georgia.

Any of the states that these companies may look at escaping to for a tax safe haven are controlled by a Republican legislature. Do we really think these organizations are going to leave these areas to pay more in taxes over election law disagreements? Absolutely not. They are for-profit organizations and would target areas where they could secure more money in their own pockets.

What I find really interesting is that the woke Left wants these companies, the same evil rich companies that they campaign against as destroying the lives of their workers, they want them to now work on behalf of the progressive agenda. They talk about how these companies should pay for more and how their leaders are evil and rich, but now they need them so they are a valuable part of the plan.

Like him or not, Gov. Brian Kemp gave an excellent response to the corporate backlash. He ultimately dismissed the statements, saying he is happy to discuss the laws compared to other states with these leaders. While the leaders want to say that this law is racist, there’s not one single provision in this bill that targets people of color. It is just more of the social justice woke garbage from the Left.

So the businesses will go along with the woke agenda. They will talk about how this bill is not fair and how they are disappointed. Are they doing it because they are genuinely disappointed and looking to move elsewhere? No. They are simply catering to the woke mob to escape their wrath.

Rather than having the cancel culture come after them, it’s easier for them to issue a pandering statement about their disappointment. All the while, they are continuing to enjoy all the benefits of being in a business-friendly state like Georgia.

It is time that we move on beyond the idea that everything is racist and targeting people of color. What happened to the ideas of standardization, equal treatment, and equal opportunity for all? Equality only matters when it comes to special treatment for a special interest group that the woke Left is targeting for their allegiance and vote.

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