Elimination of Tragedy by Government Will Never Happen


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Charlotte, NC — What happened on Monday in Colorado was a tragedy. Just like the events that happened in Atlanta last week, each and every time these types of events happen, they are tragic. I do not think that there is anyone that is denying the tragedy of both situations.

The problem is that on the Left, they believe that they can eliminate tragedy through government. Immediately following the shooting in Colorado, left-wing radicals began calling for more gun control. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that the Senate would start arguments over measures and that he wanted to see the chamber act on gun control quickly.

Our President, Joe Biden, got in on the action as well. On Tuesday, he said that even though all the facts were not in, he wanted to act quickly and enact gun control measures. He called for Congress to act and ban high-capacity magazines as well as reinstate the “assault weapon” ban that was passed in the 90s while the government was under Democrat leadership.

If Congress refuses to act, then Press Secretary Jen Psaki says that Biden may just act alone. She renewed the conversation about potential executive action to enact gun control in her press statements. She said that all options were on the table for President Biden who is committed to removing the freedom to own firearms from responsible gun owners and American citizens.

There’s obviously a big discussion that will happen regarding the measures that the Democrats will try to pass, their ultimate failure to get them through the Senate, and what Joe Biden will try to accomplish by executive action. Time and again Democrats, along with their mainstream media partners, try to sell the American people on the gun control myth. They want Americans to believe that passing “common sense” legislation will eliminate tragedy.

But tragedy is a part of life and will exist no matter what they want to do regarding gun control. Aside from the mass shootings that Democrats want to promote, tragedy has occurred from multiple other sources. From arson, bombs, vehicle attacks, airline hijackings, poisonings, and more, tragedy is, unfortunately, a part of human life. Long before firearms ever existed, criminals had already developed ways to conduct mass murder.

The USA Today reports that in 2020, there were 611 mass shootings that resulted in 513 deaths. Also in 2020, FEMA reports that there were over 200,000 fires attributed to arson that resulted in 475 deaths. Where is the discussion on banning “assault lighters” and matches? They contribute to death and tragedy just as much as gun violence.

Or what about the over 42,000 people that died in automobile accidents in 2020? Many of those were from being struck by vehicles in a homicide. Where is the discussion about banning “assault sedans?”  There is obviously no discussion on eliminating anything of these.

The idea of eliminating cars and means to start fires is ridiculous. It is as ridiculous as the discussion for eliminating guns and enacting restrictive gun control measures. But both give us a great example of how gun control measures will not work.

States have laws regarding the starting of fires. They say you should not set homes on fire, you should only set fires when permitted, etc. They also say you should drive below the speed limit, avoid hitting other cars, pedestrians, and avoid distracted driving. Still, people are killed by fire and vehicles even though the laws are in place.

That’s because no matter how a government would like to deal with tragedy, they cannot eliminate tragedy through legislation. Joe Biden can pass the most restrictive gun control measures he ever dreamed and people will still die by guns. It’s because a government cannot eliminate tragedy through legislation, no matter how hard they try.

From the beginning of time, our world has been filled with tragedy and until the end of time, our world will continue to deal with tragedy. It is a part of life that while we would like to prevent it, it will always exist. The solution is not to try and legislate away tragedy through restrictive measures. Of the millions of legal gun owners, a few bad apples should not ruin the ability of others to legally own their firearms.

Democrats were presented with a great option for dealing with gun violence in 2013. Sen. Ted Cruz and Chuck Grassley presented a measure that would restrict felons from firearms, other criminals from firearms, and those who were mentally ill from owning firearms. In his comments on Tuesday, Cruz reminded Democrats that they filibustered the measure in 2013. That measure would have prevented multiple shootings, including the one in Colorado most likely as the shooter had a history of mental illness.

Democrats are attempting to enact measures of control over American citizens under the disguise of eliminating tragedy. Tragedy will always exist, but the freedoms that we know and love may not. If we ever give them up, we will never get them back. They cannot eliminate tragedy, but they can eliminate your freedom.

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