Does Biden’s Latest Statements Mean He Is A Racist?


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Charlotte, NC — For years now, we have all heard about the racism that is apparently running rampant in the Republican Party and in our nation’s law enforcement and laws. One wrong move and you are instantly labeled a racist and white supremacist. Is the same true for similar actions on the left?

It does not seem that way, especially after Joe Biden specifically told immigrants to stay away from the United States. In an ABC interview that aired on Tuesday, Biden said that they should remain in their towns and not come to the US.

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EXCLUSIVE: @GStephanopoulos presses Pres. Biden on the border crisis.”Do you have to say quite clearly, ‘Don’t come’?Biden: “Yes, I can say quite clearly: Don’t come over…Don’t leave your town or city or community.”

Now if Trump was a xenophobe for shutting down travel amid the start of the coronavirus pandemic, would this not make Biden a xenophobe? If Trump was a racist for putting “kids in cages” and attempting to curb illegal immigration, what do you call it now that Biden has created a mess? He is putting kids back in those “cages” and he is openly telling people to stay away.

Apparently it is not racist if you are a Democrat. Several mainstream media outlets are reporting the Biden comments from the ABC interview, but not one single person is talking about his actions and how they are xenophobic and racist. That’s all we would have heard were this Donald Trump making the comment.

The problem for the left is that Joe Biden has made an absolute mess at the border. We are not talking a small mess, either. According to left-wing propaganda spewing CNN, the surge is the highest that has been seen in 20 years. That is all thanks to Joe Biden, who openly encouraged immigration during the campaign and has done nothing to stand firm on immigration like President Trump.

So now, he makes the statement that these people should not leave their towns and try to come to the United States. That is playing right against what then candidate Joe Biden said in the past. He called Trump’s actions against immigration as having ‘racist invective.’

Where is that conversation now that Joe Biden apparently wants to get tough on immigration? Where is the frustration with Biden from the radical activists and the free stuff for all groups? They are certainly not calling out the apparent racism in Biden’s actions.

I am not writing this to try and say that Joe Biden is an absolute racist. It’s merely the double standard of the Left on display again. This is the absolute difference between the two political sides. We will call out the Biden flip-flop on immigration and how he is to blame for the crisis at the border, but his own party will not do that.

If you have read much of my writings or listened to many of my shows, you know by now I do not tolerate ignorance on either side of the political aisle. That’s exactly what this is. It is ignorance on display from the Left in refusing to hold their own party to the same standards. There should be no middle ground here.

If it’s racist if former President Trump makes a statement such as this, then you should call it racist when Joe Biden says it too. Even the mainstream media and the Democrats realize how ignorant their arguments were during the Trump presidency. They realize how naive that many Americans were to believe the words that they were saying.

The problem is that many Americans did believe them. Many Americans believed the words of CNN and the other garbage media outlets and held on to their words that Trump as racist and a white supremacist. How foolish of so many who trusted those shallow words.

Now, we have a border crisis that is unprecedented at our nation’s southern border. The mainstream media tried to say this during the Trump administration, but this is unlike any crisis we have seen in 20 years, even by CNN’s standards. The only person we have to think is the “racist” Joe Biden.

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