Did Mitch McConnell Sacrifice Donald Trump?


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Charlotte, NC — We still await the results of the 2020 Presidential election. Votes are being counted in battleground states as many in the mainstream media have already conceded that Joe Biden won the election. But did he really win the election, or was it handed to him?

If you look at the big picture, it appears that President Trump was sacrificed by the establishment Republicans. I know that many will argue with me on this point, but follow me here and let me share the reason I believe this.

For starters, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was never in jeopardy in Kentucky. Republicans knew this, Democrats knew this, and the mainstream media knew this. If you look at the election results from Tuesday’s vote, it was not even really close.

Nationally, the polls were off by around 10 points. In the Real Clear Politics average going into the election, McConnell was consistently polling near 10% over the last month or two. The media was unable to spin that to create any type of chaos around his seat, so they left it alone.

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So if you know your seat is not at risk, what do you do? You try to position yourself in the best possible way for your next 6-year term as a Senator. You want to retain control of the Senate, knowing you have more power when that’s the case.

So McConnell proceeded by doing just that. He worked for Senators to try to secure the Republican majority. Please do not think for a second that I am arguing the Senate majority is a bad thing. I said multiple times that would be the way to save our country.

As you continue to piece the story together, you can go back and look at McConnell’s refusal to press and negotiate a coronavirus aid package. Democrats and the media were pushing for such a measure. Just as recently as the beginning of October, McConnell said that the deal would not happen before the election.

President Trump had said he wanted to pass a bill, but he had given many different stories about the size of such a package. Media reports were that the administration was ready to be in the $2 trillion range. Trump mentioned it in stump speeches, and Mnuchin pressed for an agreement.

McConnell said he just could not get a deal passed before the election. Many Trump supporters were excited, thinking that McConnell was holding the spending in the Senate. Little did they all know McConnell was making the decision to sacrifice the President of the United States.

The day after the election, McConnell, fresh off his election win to a new term, immediately went to the media and said that a new coronavirus aid package was needed. Not only was it needed, but it needed to be passed by the end of the year. It was a significant transition for the man who was resistant to pass a package in a hurry just a few short weeks ago.

He called for partisan passions to be put aside and for the two sides to come together and work out a plan for a new spending bill. His comments were met with praise from the mainstream media and Democrats, who are excited to see just how far they could push the Majority Leader in their spending plans.

Rather than being focused on conservative values or the Republican party, Mitch McConnell was only focused on himself. He was only focused on his power and how he remained relevant. McConnell showed his hand so quickly after the election that there is no other logical explanation.

Now, Republicans hold a 51 vote majority, if you can call it that. Sure, they will be able to block socialist legislation, but they will not be able to block all Democrat legislation. Mitt Romney and Susan Collins will both make sure of that.

While the media is disappointed that they lost the Senate, they shouldn’t be. Mitch McConnell gave them the greatest gift of all. He sacrificed President Trump to allow the Democrats to win the Presidency.

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The Left’s Mission To Silence Conservatives

While we wait for the election results, a picture of what Joe Biden’s America will be for conservatives continues to come into view. It’s not overly surprising, we’ve been experiencing these things for some time. It’s just going to become much, much worse in the coming days if he wins.

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