Dementia Joe Strikes Again: ‘It’s Great to Be Here With All of You in Tampa Bay, Minnesota!’


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Charlotte, NC — Unless you work for CNN, MSNBC, or you’re a Leftist die hard, you know and will openly admit Joe Biden has lost a step and is facing a severe cognitive decline.  Even a complicit press can’t cover up what Joe Biden said at a campaign stop in Minnesota this past Thursday.

Dementia Joe took to the microphone and provided the following after introductory remarks:

FYI…I took the time and felt it was necessary to google “Tampa, Minnesota,” so you don’t have to and just in case I came down with a touch of Joe’s dementia.  Various websites assured me there is no “Tampa, Minnesota.”

But then again, the sign behind him does say “Tampa, Florida.”  Maybe not having “Bay” up there threw him off?  Words are hard!

This is yet another example of Joe fumbling through each campaign stop.  Words are hard, and the English language can prove to be difficult.  In fact, I wrote about Joe Biden’s attempt to put a complete and coherent sentence together. It’s difficult to place 100% of the blame on Joe, however.  For months, Joe has been in his personal safe space down in the basement of his multi-million dollar mansion in Wilmington, Delaware.  He has been cocooned, coddled, and kept at a distance.

Exactly seven days ago, the Biden “brain trust” called a “lid” on the remainder of the campaign after his “transitioning away from oil” gaffe in the final Presidential Debate, announcing that Biden would make no more live campaign appearances in the final 9 days prior to the election.  An obvious but not the first mistake the Biden campaign has made.

The Biden campaign reversed course less than 48 hours later, and since then, he’s ventured out of his basement more in the past 5 days than he has in two months prior to the debate.  The campaign suddenly put their candidate in front of ‘massive’ double-digit crowds in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, and North Carolina.

Hold the phone!  I thought Biden was up by a ‘yuge’ margin in the national polling?

In any other election year, with any other opposing candidate, the liberal media would have burned down the folks responsible for the horrific campaign run by the Biden camp — solely for the purpose of forcing the “Grand Poobahs” of the party to step in and bring some semblance of intelligence to the effort.

It is probably true the nature of Joe Biden as a candidate was destined to make any campaign staff look bad.  Like Hillary Clinton back in 2016, Joe Biden is an equally horrible presidential candidate whose time has passed.  The more Biden is seen and heard by the public the worse he gets.  Moreover, the more he’s front and center the electorate sees how dementia-addled abilities are deteriorating with each passing day.

There are many people out there who think Joe Biden never takes the oath of office even if he wins.  The Democrat Party establishment knows it, and that’s always been part of the plan.  “Harris for President” has always been the objective.

Kamala was a horrible Democratic primary candidate who was and still is so unpopular that she dropped out of the race before her home state of California hosted its primary!  She is a sitting senator from the most populous state in the Union and the ability to raise more cash than any other candidate of either party.  Yet, based on every metric, she still sucks.

Ultimately, and like Biden, Kamala is an empty vessel into which the entirety of the far left-wing policy agenda of the ‘Democratic’ party can be poured, and she’ll have the insulation from attack afforded to her by the press as the first female minority President of the United States.

See what I did there?

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