Cuomo Lives in a Fantasy World Where He Does No Wrong


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Albany, NY — On Monday, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo made his first comments after a scandal broke about his administrations handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and releasing of patients back to nursing facilities. To be clear, it was not necessarily releasing them, but rather forcing nursing facilities to take them. It resulted in thousands of deaths of New Yorkers.

Those thousands of deaths were covered, hidden from the public and state lawmakers who were asking for information surrounding the cases. Now, Cuomo insists that the cases are fully and accurately reported. He also admitted that his team had made a mistake but not the mistake he should have admitted.

Cuomo should have admitted that he purposefully misled the public in an attempt to hide how grave the situation was in New York. He should have admitted that the decision to send patients to nursing facilities was the wrong one and that he is the one to blame. He should have come out and resigned from his position.

Instead, he said that the mistakes that were made simply created a void for conspiracy theories. Yes, those conspiracy theories that the left likes to blame for everything since President Donald Trump took office. They have been great at manufacturing them as well as hiding behind them.

Fox News reported his comments where he said that not fully reporting the data allowed the press, politicians, and cynics to fill the void of information with their own story. The story where he purposefully sent thousands of New Yorkers to die without any remorse.

He said that politics was to blame. He said that the past year everything was political and that there are political positions and there are facts. The facts are in, that Cuomo’s administration purposefully withheld information that could look negatively on his decision to sentence New Yorkers to death in nursing facilities. That has nothing to do with political positions or conditions across the country.

Cuomo is doing everything he can to try and save any dignity or political career that he could have. Once rumored for potential positions in a Biden administration, the political future of the governor looks bleak amid the continued calls for his resignation or removal from office.

To borrow a phrase that the Democrats often love to use, the call for his punishment is bipartisan. Even the most radical of Democrats, like Mayor de Blasio in New York City, have called for action against the governor.

It’s very clear that Cuomo is guilty of sentencing these people to death in the nursing facilities. He is directly responsible for the spread and deaths of thousands in New York through a poor decision that he should accept responsibility for.

Cuomo argued against President Donald Trump for his leadership during the pandemic. The Left used the governor, parading him around with Emmy’s and book deals to promote the “great job” that he did handling the pandemic. It was all a corrupt cover-up and political theater. He was simply a pawn to try and make President Donald Trump look bad in the national spotlight ahead of the election.

This is not a time to pass the blame. Cuomo should accept responsibility for his actions and how he has destroyed the lives of many across his state.

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