Cancel Culture Comes for Priest for Shepherding his Flock


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Chicago, IL — A petition was launched earlier this week demanding James Altman, a Catholic priest, be removed permanently from his position at St. James the Less Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

The petition, which has nearly 14,000 signatures, was launched by Faithful America, which claims to be a grassroots Christian organization although it’s website clearly shows it does not adhere to Biblical Christianity.

“We stick up for courageous Christian voices acting for fairness and freedom in every denomination, and we work together for immigrant and refugee rights, climate justice, and full LGBTQ inclusion, among other important social, economic, and racial justice causes that reflect the values Jesus taught,” the website states.

Altman’s offense was encouraging his partitioners do not be “guinea pigs” for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. A bulletin on East Sunday caused the frantic response from the leftist Faithful America group. The bulletin, which appears in an article at Vaccine Impact, notes the fact that the vaccines are experimental and that they have not been tested properly.

“It is diabolical for anyone to virtue-signal/shame/compel you to take such an experimental drug – making you nothing other than a GUINEA PIG,” the bulletin states. “How does that make you feel? How does it make you feel to see the government, the media and even some in the Catholic Church shaming you into being a GUINEA PIG?

The bulletin continues: “God damns bearing false witness against others that cause harm. The proponents of this Injection are bearing false witness. Unfortunately, that includes both laity and clergy alike. As to clergy, it particularly is egregious because clergy have one job to do: attend to your eternal salvation.”

Bishop William Callahan with the La Crosse diocese denounced the use of bulletins in that manner, and local media attacked him because hundreds of people attended Easter service in-person and some didn’t wear a mask. However, no indication has been made that any action will be taken against Altman by the diocese.

While Faithful America is clearly on the left, other more prominent pastors to conservatives have shilled for the vaccine companies and engaged in propaganda.

Franklin Graham said in early April: “I think if there were vaccines available in the time of Christ, Jesus would have made reference to them and used them.”

There is no Biblical foundation for such a claim, and in fact, Jesus’ actions may suggest otherwise like in Matthew 8:3 where He lays his hands on a leper and “immediately his leprosy was cleansed.” It is likely that the health “experts” of that time warned against touching lepers. But to be fair, that was probably good advice for anyone who is not the Son of God.

Robert Jeffress, who was a member of President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, called people “conspiracy theorists” and even justified the use of aborted fetuses in the production of vaccines.

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