Bills Introduced to Protect American Liberties from Dictator Fauci


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Washington, DC — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, introduced a pair of bills this week aimed at protecting individual liberty from continued COVID-19 authoritarian rule.

According to the U.S. House of Representatives’ website, H.R. 2316 and H.R. 2317 were introduced on Thursday by Greene. The text for both bills has not yet been released, but Greene has called H.R. 2316 as the Fire Fauci Act and H.R. 2317 as the We Will Not Comply Act. Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the National Institute of Health (NIH).

The bills are meant to “fight back against the authoritarian COVID dictates,” a statement from Greene’s office stated. The statement added: “The ‘Fire Fauci Act’ will slash the salary of Dr. Always Wrong to $0 and the ‘We Will Not Comply Act’ will ban vaccine ‘passports,’ prevent discrimination against the unvaccinated, and much more to protect the freedom of the American People.”

The We Will Not Comply Act comes as so-called vaccine passports have been discussed this week which The Liberty Loft has reported on by myself and Seth M. Griffin.

The goal of the act, according to Greene’s statement, is to prevent discrimination against Americans who do not take the COVID-19 vaccine from both government and business entities. It will also allow Americans to sue if they’ve been discriminated against based on vaccine status or for not wearing a face mask as well as states “that Jacobson v. Massachusetts should be overturned. This case set a terrible precedent that endorses mandatory state vaccination laws under the ‘police power.’”

In 1905, the Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision ruled that the collective can strip Americans of their individual liberty under Jacobson v. Massachusetts.

Greene’s statement said that the Fire Fauci Act will serve as a reminder that Fauci’s taxpayer-funded salary is $434,312, the highest salary of any federal government employee, and would eliminate the salary for his position until the U.S. Senate confirms a new director of the NIAID. It also directs the Government Accountability Office to investigate Fauci’s office to “see what Fauci and the NIAID knew, when they knew it, what they spent money on, and how the agency responded to the virus.”

Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, has signed onto the Fire Fauci Act as an original co-sponsor. In a tweet, he thanked Greene for the bill and added: “The fact that Fauci was ever paid with tax-payer money is an embarrassment to the United States of America.”

Allegations of corruption have been made against Fauci from nearly the start of his time in his current position. He has been the director of the NIAID for nearly four decades, since 1984.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has taken Fauci to task for his efforts in pushing a vaccine act in 1986 which gave vaccine makers immunity from harmful effects their products cause. In a podcast interview, reported on by The Gateway Pundit, Kennedy noted that “Fauci has many, many vaccine patents,” and regarding COVID-19 vaccines his “agency will collect half the royalties… and there’s no limits for how much the agency can collect.”

Biochemist Kary Mullis described Fauci and most NIH bureaucrats as driven by personal agendas. Mullis invented the PCR test, which has been questionably used to detect COVID-19, and received the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1993 for that invention.

Mullis died in 2019, before COVID-19 was given a name, but in a past interview he described how the PCR test has been misused by Fauci as well as called him out as a liar.

“Guys like Fauci get up there and start talking, and he doesn’t know anything really about anything, and I’d say that to his face,” Mullis said. He added: “They make up the rules as they go. They change them when they want to and they smugly… like Tony Fauci does not mind going on television, in front of the people who pay his salary, and lie directly into the camera.”

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