AOC Uses Capitalism to Raise Millions for Texas


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Dallas, TX — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has spent the past few days raising money for the people of Texas after their recent bout with winter weather and power loss. On Friday, she bragged about having raised over $2 million for the people of Texas as she prepared to fly to the state to help. On Saturday, Fox News reported the total had exceeded $3 million.

Later in the day, AOC herself tweeted that she had surpassed raising $4 million amid the various distribution of supplies that was happening.

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We just hit $4 million!Reps. Sylvia Garcia, Sheila Jackson Lee & Al Green of Houston are doing incredible work w/ local relief organizations to get emergency relief to Texans.Today we went to food distributions, water delivery sites, and home tours of impacted Texans.

AOC and her Democrat friends certainly took time for plenty of those photo opportunities that she has complained about Republicans taking in the past. But the one glaring thing that is noticed in this entire situation, AOC is using a system to raise funds for Texas that she has complained does not work.

Yes, AOC is using a system called capitalism to raise funds for those people in Texas that need assistance. That horrible, greedy, millionaire-laden economic system that only hurts people, rather than helps them. The same system she says does not do enough to help people in need and should be replaced with a government ran system that supplies the things people “need.” If that were the case, the people of Texas would still be waiting.

Capitalism is the system that has allowed millions of people to give money to the people of Texas freely. It allows people to choose what they want to do with their money and how. As MCF Insights puts it, “Capitalism is the best economic system in practice for charitable giving because it is the only one that gives us the freedom to allocate our capital as we see fit.”

Their statements continue, “so many people equate capitalism with greed and think that the profit motive is not compatible with giving. This is a wrongheaded notion.” As is easily seen in the case of Texas. Millions of people, no doubt some were those greedy millionaires, came together to help those in need. The very thing that AOC has railed against, saying that it does not work.

In 2019, she called on this very system to be abolished completely. She said that capitalism contributes to income inequality, oppressive relationships, and creates an unfair advantage for those who are privileged. Capitalism also creates a means for people to help others, unlike socialism that would force everyone to wait on the government.

As AOC will continue to use this situation to rail on Republicans and conservatives who support capitalism, she has clearly shown that the system works. People freely and willingly helped others, because as is always the case, we realize that we are all American.

In a time of crisis, Americans always band together and help one another. We have always done that no matter the political party and viewpoints of those we are helping. All thanks to a “horrible” system called capitalism.

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