‘Why Can’t the President Just Say Stop?’ Because Alleged Thug Behind Whitmer Plot Called POTUS the ‘Enemy’


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, gunning for a total win in the impending election, was quick to link President Donald Trump to an extremist plot in Michigan that would have seen the governor kidnapped.

Biden essentially implored the president to call off terrorists shortly after it was revealed that the FBI had foiled a plot to abduct Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“I just think it’s got to stop. The president’s got to realize the words he utter matter,” Biden said Thursday, according to NBC News. “Why can’t the president just say stop? Stop. Stop. Stop. And we will pursue you if you don’t, so stop.”

Disregarding the fact that the public only knows about this plot because of federal law enforcement’s pursuit of the case, there is another major problem with Biden’s suggestion that Trump “just say stop” to extremists.

At least one of those alleged extremists doesn’t consider the president a friend.

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Brandon Caserta, an alleged ringleader of the plot, was so hostile toward Trump that he called him an “enemy,” and made social media posts to convince others of his anti-government views.

“Trump is not your friend, dude,” Caserta said in one video.

“It amazes me that people actually like believe that, when he’s shown over and over and over again that he’s a tyrant. Every single person that works for government is your enemy.”

Does that sound like someone who will listen to a call to disarm from Donald Trump himself?

Note the anarchist flag in the background — this appears to be a man whose mind is already made up when it comes to any authority.

Despite facts pointing to the president’s innocence, Whitmer was quick to heap accusations on Trump, saying that his words acted as a “rallying cry” for extremists.

“When our leaders speak, their words matter,” the Democratic governor said Thursday. “They carry weight. When our leaders meet, encourage or fraternize with domestic terrorists, they legitimize their actions and they are complicit.

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“When they stoke and contribute to hate speech, they are complicit.”

Although the president has been critical of Whitmer’s unconstitutional response to COVID-19, he has never called for harm against the governor.

Regardless, Trump is still being criticized for failing to call off alleged extremist forces who not only do not answer to him, but who, in at least one case, consider anyone in his office the enemy.

When it comes to attacks on Trump, though, don’t expect something as trivial as facts to make an appearance this close to the election.

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