Trump Rally Crowd Sings Stirring ‘God Bless America’ Rendition in Biting Cold


It was cold in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Monday, as a light snow flurry swirled and the wind blasted its chilly wrath.

But the spirit of Trump supporters was on fire as they waited for hours in the cold for an afternoon rally at Wilkes Barre-Scranton Airport.

At one point, as shown on Twitter, the crowd launched into a robust rendition of “God Bless America.”

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More than four hours before the rally was to begin, rallygoers were energized and chanting “four more years,” according to the Wilkes Barre-based Citizens’ Voice.

“The temperature was about 36 degrees around 10 a.m. A slight snow flurry was falling and whipping wind gusts were strong,” the newspaper reported. “The elements proved to be good for business for vendors lined up selling winter gear emblazoned with Trump’s name.”

Melanie Yozwiak, 56, of Pittston Township, arrived at 4:45 a.m. to join about 10 other hardy souls who were determined not to be denied their chance to see President Donald Trump, the Citizens’ Voice reported.

“Everyone is super excited. It’s cold, but we’re not letting that bother us,” Yozwiak told the newspaper.

By 11:15 a.m., the venue was nearing capacity.

“It’s like a rock concert. It really is. There is no more energy anywhere else in the world right now than right now. And we’re in ‘Trump Country.’ This ain’t Joe Biden’s hometown anymore,” Dave Ragan, 41, of Jessup, told the Citizens’ Voice, referring to Scranton being the original hometown of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Mack Tasetano, 27, of Stroudsburg, defied the 36-degree temperature by wearing patriotic shorts.

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“I’ve been to a lot of political rallies. There’s nothing like a Trump rally – the energy, the atmosphere,” Tasetano told the Citizens’ Voice.

Gabe Bond, 27, of Towanda, wrapped himself for warmth in a Trump 2020 flag.

“Coming to support the president the day before the election. I love that he’s real. I love that he does what he says he’s going to do,” Bond said. “We don’t want Biden and [Kamala] Harris in there.”

For some, Trump rallies have become a part of life, according to WNEP-TV

“This will be my 47th rally seeing Donald Trump as candidate and president,” Edward Young of Brick, New Jersey, told the station.”My friends and I have been to seven rallies in the past nine days. I do this because it’s a unique part of history. It’s very exciting.

“No president has ever been this much fun. Donald Trump is our first rockstar superhero president. There’s nothing like a Trump rally.”

Young gave Trump superhero status.

“He’s the real-life Tony Stark. Come on, he’s President Iron Man,” he said.

Mark Paul Jones of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, dressed in Revolutionary War garb, told WNEP his attire matched the occasion.

“Donald Trump, he is a true patriot, and I wear this because it’s a Minute Man uniform to show patriots have his back, and we will not let him down,” he said.

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