Law Enforcement Now Says That Trump Truck in Biden Bus Crash Appears To Be the Victim


A viral road rage incident, originally pinned on supporters of President Donald Trump, now looks to be the fault of others.

Law enforcement now says that a truck participating in a pro-Trump caravan appears to be the victim in the encounter.

The confrontation happened Friday as a Joe Biden campaign bus was making its way through Interstate 35 in Texas.

Texan Trump supporters quickly located and surrounded the bus with their own vehicles. The trucks, SUVs and other vehicles that made up the pro-Trump caravan were easily identified by their patriotic and MAGA gear.

Eventually a white SUV, which is believed to belong to a Biden staffer, seemed to try forcing its way into a lane already occupied by a large black truck that appeared to be part of the pro-Trump caravan.

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Apparently not wanting to be driven off the interstate at a high rate of speed, the driver turned the truck, pushing the white SUV back into its lane.

Watch the viral clip of the original collision below.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers will find offensive.

Video of the incident went viral soon after it was posted, and many saw it as confirmation of their delusion that conservatives are a violent and aggressive lot.

Despite the apparent fact that the white SUV was at fault, leftists soon began to slam the Trump supporters as terrorists and radicals.

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Thankfully, local law enforcement isn’t so quick to call American citizens terrorists.

Police in San Marcos, whose stretch of I-35 is believed to be where the collision happened, now think they have a running theory about who is to blame for the crash, Nexstar Media Group reported.

“The at-fault vehicle may be the white SUV and the victim appears to be the black truck,” the San Marcos Police Department said in a statement.

This is a complete reversal of leftists’ jump to blame Trump supporters and label their fellow citizens as terrorists without having the complete story.

The drivers’ response to police even furthers the divide between liberals’ original take and the reality of the situation.

According to KXAN-TV, authorities attempted to contact the drivers of both vehicles to sort the situation out.

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While the department was eventually contacted by the driver of the pro-Trump truck, calls to the owner of the white SUV had gone “unanswered” as of Monday.

With the most contentious election in recent memory drawing to a close, it seems like confrontations like this will only increase if a decisive winner is not quickly declared.

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