Late-Breaking Poll: Could Trump Take the Big Prize of PA?


Late polling numbers out of Pennsylvania give greater insight into one of the most competitive battleground states in tomorrow’s presidential election.

In a New York Times/Siena College Poll asked battleground state voters specific questions pertaining to climate change from Oct. 26 to Oct. 31.

The poll asked 1,862 likely voters in Pennsylvania about their stance on fracking and whom they are planning on voting for.

Fifty-two percent of Pennsylvania likely voters support fracking, and 86 percent of those who support the oil extraction process are voting for President Donald Trump.

Only 27 percent of likely voters overall oppose fracking, with urban and young voters having the highest percentage of opposition.

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In the same survey, Biden is leading Trump 49 percent to 43 percent.

The survey has a 2.4 percent margin of error overall.

Trump ridiculed Biden about his inconsistent stance on fracking at a rally in Reading, Pennsylvania, on Saturday.

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“You have your fracking. How about Joe? He goes for a year, ‘There will be no fracking! There will be no — I tell you there will be no fracking,’” Trump mocked.

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“Listen, we have a million jobs for fracking. We like $2 gasoline. You know it’s nice, isn’t it?” Trump continues.

During the second presidential campaign debate, Trump hammered Biden on the topic of fracking, bringing to light the Democrat’s past waffling on energy issues.

The Trump campaign has also frequently attacked Biden’s comments on the oil industry on social media.

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Pennsylvania is a significant part of Trump’s path to an Electoral College victory, as he narrowly won the state by less than 45,000 votes.

The Trump team held three rallies in the state Monday morning in a final campaign stretch.

Trump spoke at a rally in Scranton, and Vice President Mike Pence gave remarks in Latrobe and Erie.

Without a doubt, all eyes will be on Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes Tuesday night.

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