CNN Exit Polls Give Positive Indicators for Trump


While it’s not as good as an actual electoral vote, President Donald Trump received some good news nonetheless early on election night.

CNN exit polls showed that, by a very large margin, voters care most about the state of the economy over other significant issues.

According to CNN, about “one-third of voters called the economy their most critical issue.”

That’s a significant boon for Trump given that the strength of the economy is arguably the president’s best issue.

Meanwhile, many of the issues that the Democrats and their nominee, Joe Biden, have been hammering don’t appear to be nearly as important to voters.

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Those same exit polls found that “roughly 1 in 5” voters cited racial inequality as their most critical issue, while 1 in 6 voters said the coronavirus pandemic was their most important issue.

Rounding out the exit polls, 1 in 10 cited health care, and crime and violence as their most important issues.

CNN did say a “narrow majority” felt that containing the coronavirus was more important than rebuilding the economy.

Republican congressional candidate Errol Webber, running in California’s 37th District, noted on Twitter that the CNN exit polls were good news for Trump.

But perhaps more important than specific issues, the CNN exit polls found that voters cared more about a presidential candidate’s position on the issues as opposed to the candidate’s personal qualities.

“Nearly three-quarters of voters said a candidate’s position on the issues was more important, while less than quarter named the candidate’s personal qualities,” CNN said.

Given how strongly Biden has attacked Trump’s character and behavior, it will likely come as a disappointment to Democrats that voters don’t appear to care about that.

Do you think the CNN exit polls are accurate?

53% (189 Votes)

47% (166 Votes)

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The CNN exit polls were conducted by Edison Research on behalf of the National Election Pool, and included both in-person and telephone interviews with voters.

The in-person interviews were conducted at a random sample of 115 polling locations nationwide among 7,774 voters. There were another 4,919 interviews early and absentee voters that were done by phone.

There is a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

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