Bakery’s ‘Cookie Poll’ Predicted Last 3 Elections, This Year It’s Calling for an Absolute Landslide


For the past three presidential elections, one Pennsylvania bakery has accurately predicted the winner by giving customers a simple choice of cookies decorated with candidates’ names.

This year, the informal poll is calling for an absolute landslide for President Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, Lochel’s Bakery in Hatboro has been running the 2020 poll for the past two months. The owners plan to run the “poll” well into Election Day.

“We plan on tallying them up tomorrow night, to do our final tally,” bakery owner Kathleen Lochel told Fox News on Monday.

And unless Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s supporters get a last-minute hankering for thousands of cookies, it looks like Trump’s lead won’t be overturned so easily.

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So far, the bakery has sold 28,000 Trump cookies. Only 5,000 of the cookies decorated with Biden’s name have been sold.

The bakery predicted the total number of Trump cookies sold could go even higher as avid supporters of the president flood the bakery from across the region.

“We had one guy drive twice from Staten Island for them,” Lochel said.

On at least one day, the bakery produced over 600 of the election-themed treats.

Although this “poll” isn’t exactly a rigorous and professional survey of America’s landscape, it hints that the energy of Trump supporters is lightyears ahead of the competition.

Fans of the president, who regularly pack his rallies, are famous for their enthusiasm for Trump.

Despite the amateur nature of the cookie poll, it seems to signal a larger shift toward Trump.

In Florida, Biden’s lead has virtually evaporated, pushing him even further away from a sweeping election victory.

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Top pollster FiveThirtyEight even downgraded Biden’s chances at victory as Election Day crept closer, giving him “favored” odds at winning the White House as opposed to the previous “clearly favored” declaration.

While this bakery’s poll doesn’t tell us anything solid, it hints that there are still some Election Day surprises in store for Biden, possibly even including a crushing defeat.

For Biden, this may well be how the cookie crumbles.

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